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Industrial Pine Dimensions

IND 19x102mm 1.5m-3.0m

IND 25×76mm 1.5m-4.8m

IND 25×114mm 1.8m-4.8m

IND 25×152mm 1.8m-6.6m

Pine SABS/ SATAS Dimensions

BBB 38×38mm 3.0m-6.6m

S5P 38×50mm 3.0m-6.6m

S5P 38×76mm 0.9m-6.6m

S5P 38×114mm 1.8m-6.6m

S7P 38×114mm 3.0m-6.6m

S5P 38×152mm 3.0m-6.6m

S7P 38×152mm 3.0m-6.6m

S5P 38×228mm 3.0m-6.6m

S7P 38×228mm 3.0m-6.6m

S5P 50×76mm 3.0m-6.6m

S5P 50×152mm 6.0m-6.6m

S5P 50×228mm 6.0m-6.6m

Treated Eucalyptus Dimensions

GS7EH2 38×38mm 6.0m

GS7EH2 38×50mm 6.0m

GS7EH2 38×76mm 6.0m

GS7EH2 38×105mm 3.0m-6.6m

GS7EH2 38×152mm 6.0m 6.6m

GS7EH2 50×50mm 6.0m

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